About me and this blog

Hi there!

My name is Gabriela, most people call me Gabbi and I secretly call myself, Ella.

I love creating stories, drawing, doing yoga and stretching whenever and wherever I can. I love dancing, free-movement dance, nature walks, traveling, learning languages, snorkeling, walking under trees and hula hooping! I am crazy about bowls, notebooks and whenever I want to understand things better, I draw it and color it.

I am an aspiring story writer, I work in an office, I am a certified yoga teacher, a hula-hoop teacher, a former social worker (but always at heart), an aspiring illustrator, a former Zumba fitness instructor, a free-dance facilitator, and a curious soul.

In this blog, you can expect to read travel stories, metaphorical stories,  funny stories, true stories, and random everyday stories.  You can admire my very amateurish drawings, and a lot of what will be posted here, has to do with moving, people, love of dancing, circles, yoga, hula hooping, being kind to oneself, self-compassion, healing foods, finding meaning and purpose and loving life with all its ups and downs.

If you are curious about what I offer then please visit http://www.gabrieladelo.com or follow me on Instagram @blissfulmovements_withgabbi

I hope you enjoy this blog and thank you for stopping by…


/Ella 😉