A small glimpse of a different life

During the moments where I am clear and calm and not stressing and worrying about the next job or if I’ll get considered for an interview, I wonder, could this really be my life? Could I go to the gym a few times a week and stay for two hours exercising, stretching and take a long sauna?

Are small glimpses of another life showing up?… Could I really be working and earning a living doing the things I love? helping people feel better both in the mind and body? Supporting people, kids, and projects that I so yearn to support? Would it be possible to really spend my time, working and helping someone who truly wants support? And earn a living a.k.a getting paid to do this? Is it really possible to not be working at a job that doesn’t really fulfill you? Could the side hustle really become the main job? or better yet a mission? Could I be free to live the life I long for and deserve?

Hmm, interesting thoughts popping up coming right out of the sauna. Is it because I have time to myself, time to reflect or was it just because my morning meditation was so effortless today? Anywho, I should go into the sauna more often.

Try it every once in a while. I strongly recommend it.

❤ always,



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