Unconditional self-love, trust, and accountability.

You eat everything at the same time” funny how some people say that about me. I ‘ve never really noticed that. I mean, If you get all the courses at the same time, why wait? I don’t mind having some dessert with my side salad.

I woke up today, had my morning drink followed by coffee while listening to a hula hooper being interviewed by another amazing hula hooper superwoman. I burned my second coffee while getting lost in my hoopdance flow. I decided that it was enough with one small cup of coffee anyway. I signed up for an online masterclass with Tony Robbins and wanted to sign up for their new program. But I guess it wasn’t meant to be, my finances are super low and I need to trust myself more.

Still, I write and take notes, listen to more webinars, listen to more masterclasses, long to have more knowledge, cry a tiny bit and meditate. But all I really want to do is dance, teach and give back. More coffee, please…IMG_1175just got the mug I designed from my experimental blissful tee-shop 

B A L A N C E (why are you such a tricky one?)

I am starting to think that one of the things I do need is a balance of attaining:

  • more knowledge
  • more great mentors
  • more clarity
  • more structure
  • more marketing skills
  • more focus
  • more ZZzzz


  • having the courage to believe in what comes effortlessly to me and to trust in my own thing, not only trying to find my perfect niche (after all I am a Vata and a true multipotentialite)
  •  owning up and accepting my own desires. what do I need and long for?
  • surrendering and letting things come to me. Do I have to know if anybody out there longs for what I long for? maybe yes but maybe not. Does it matter? would it be less important if no one wanted it? No, not really, ’cause it’s important to me, and I’m people too right?

Breathe darling, breathe…


After a few deep breaths, I realize that I should trust what has been working for me and after completely overanalyzing everything, I tell myself, Screw it! Just do it!

One HIIT workout and walk later, I am out in the busy town square. I smell the food scent coming from a Thai restaurant and at that very second, an intense feeling comes rushing through my body telling me to get my sh*t together and make a successful business happen in 16 months! because the real fear and sadness of not serving humanity and our beautiful planet during this lifetime, is really starting to kick in now.

There! I set a date Universe! Now you can keep me accountable.

Check back here for an update on December 2020!!

Please keep me accountable friends.

❤ always,







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