Overwhelm, shiny things, clarity, and my monk buddy.

Fiuu….it’s a hectic time for me right now. You know when you are 100% free from any responsibilities and work and you still feel that there are not enough minutes in the day to get done what you want to be done? well..maybe you do and maybe you don’t but that is where I am at right now. 

I feel like a blackbird flying around all day long, looking for food fighting for food and getting drawn to shiny things. I mean there is so much information out there about everything! how am I going to choose? Do I have to choose? Could I just keep doing a little bit here a little bit there and then magically one day I’ll be at the right place? I don’t know? I can’t seem to stop reaching for shiny things.

I meditate, I move a lot, I have pretty healthy habits and I know what I love doing and I do have a plan or sort of a plan of what I would love to do in the future.

So what to do? Keep lifting rocks to find answers? meditate more? stop thinking and just let things arrive at me? (yes, Google knows what I like so it most definitely shows me everything I love = overwhelm deluxe!). Go on a silent retreat for one month?

I mean wtf?

I deserve clarity! Yes, I do, we all do! So how do we get it? Well, you won’t like it because you’ve heard them before.

Sitting with yourself! Ahh, that uncomfy place where you really just want to do do do but you KNOW you need to do less. Just listen inwards, breathe and just be. Journal about what you discover but most of all, look at everything from a distance.

A Tibetan monk I love listening to, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, has really helped me to understand all of this. Only a year ago, when I really started to get excited about meditation, I found his talks and meditations. I call him my monk buddy. I know it sounds crazy but that is true. I don’t know him. He has no idea who I am or that I exist. But he has this joyful, playful approach to life and I absolutely love it.

This specific mediation has transformed the way I deal with difficult emotions, the best one I have come across so far, hands down. I am so freaking grateful for this 4-minute video.  If it works for you and you understand it’s power,  please share it with others.

So here I am feeling much calmer than when I started writing this post a few minutes ago. I hope this little read inspires you to sit down with your beautiful self and just listen within and trust the calm feelings that arise.

Here is a little gift, my first ever guided meditation. Hope you enjoy a moment in nature.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sending you lots of love.



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