A short one about fighting the old fear monster

Yesterday I went from learning how to create a website, to writing content, taking some action, to fighting the doubt and fear monster again. Seriously, this is getting so old! I felt, low, sad, old and pale urggh! I had to go back to working on myself, this time by following some advice from Lindsay Mango and journaling about “the woman in your vision” and I felt so much better after.

I talked to a close one about it and while I was explaining my mood pick-up strategy he said yeah ultimately we´re all just going to be so tired of overthinking it all and end up doing nothing! I went silent and felt a bit sad again, but after a few minutes, I started thinking about what it means to really rely on other people’s approval and support. So I picked myself back up and started writing this halfway through emptying the dishwasher.

Ups and downs, that’s just the way life is. At least I know that change is the only constant thing in life and if I have the right mindset use the proper tools in my toolkit, I can keep moving forward. And yes,  support is a great thing and I hope we all have it, but ultimately let us remember that we have everything in us already, we just need to go back to our self-work from time to time and remember that it is OK to move two steps forward and one step back. Soon you will look back and see how far you have come anyway!

So whoever this resonates with, just keep moving darling, I believe you can do it!

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