Disconnect to reconnect, trust and bad margaritas

Here I am back at work, two months have passed since we were getting poured on by the tropical rain, getting bitten by mosquitoes, experiencing new things, sharing and being fully immersed in nature. It’s amazing how seven days can have such an impact and fill us up with so many new experiences and feelings. How only four days can be enough to connect deeply with another human being and how much we can learn from one another and reinforce our own positive thoughts and beliefs.

It was my third time in Costa Rica and it’s nature always takes my breath away. From seeing so much greenery to all the birds and animals that are quite easily encountered daily. Not something I see where I currently live, well, except for birds, some swans, city pigeons, city seagulls, rats, and wild rabbits.


I do get excited though, every time I see rats sneaking around or when swans gracefully float in the canals and when small birds chirp on the trees. But let’s back to the event…

I arrived late on Monday night after barely making out of the airport in San Jose. The question in the form that says “what is your address during this trip” was not filled. I honestly didn’t know. Staying at a friend’s family’s house and then on to two other places that I don’t exactly know where they are located. But I know that my friend is outside waiting for me! Well, then that is going to be a problem. We need an exact address in San Jose! You should know this! and yes, I should, I have traveled around enough to know that you have to write some kind of address. But I just totally missed it this time. I didn’t get a hold of my friend and eventually after about 15 minutes, I was let go with a God be with you and I hope nothing bad happens out there!

It got me thinking though. It was the first time I didn’t really have much knowledge of where I was staying, where I was going the coming days and what would happen. I am usually the travel planner, at least for the first days. This time, I trusted my friend a 100% to take care of everything. It was strange at first not having control but so liberating to let go and trust and know that I made that decision from a calm place and I was going to be just fine with whatever happened. I felt serene and strong. I am not sure my friend was very serene though, family dramas, planning a late event, waiting for people, hoping for miracles but also just trusting that everything would sort itself out.

Come out and dance! Hello Gabbi!…come out and hoopdance! My friend’s family wanted me to stand in front of everybody and perform for them. Yes, I am a hula hooper and I love to hoopdance, but I wasn’t ready to entertain that very instant. But I did, and others joined, and we turned my friend’s grandma’s 83rd birthday into a great afternoon! Maybe stepping into the unprepared entertainer role is not bad after all…

The next day it was off to Fortuna to see one of my friend’s many sisters. They live in an amazing wooden house surrounded by forest and a view of a volcano. Sometimes I wonder if they sometimes stop and think and really understand how unbelievably rich they are. I know I felt like a very rich and grateful person that afternoon.

We spent the next two days at a hostel in Fortuna, with a very friendly and welcoming staff. By now we were three teachers sharing what we love; movement with props, love of dance intertwined with positive and confident words. The classes we held in their newly opened yoga space, were very appreciated. We were surrounded by meditation teachers, yoga teachers, happy travelers, abundant green forest and the spirit of cacao. What else can a girl ask for? IMG_6079Next stop was Laguna de Hule, an amazing protected rainforest area with a beautiful lake. I guess a girl could get more without even asking! It was wet, moist, cloudy, foggy and a bit chilly but one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the pleasures of visiting.

Twelve, not so worldly experienced teenagers were invited to be volunteers during the event and they ended up being the most interesting part of the event in my opinion. They tried new things like forest baths, sound therapy with Tibetan bowls, yoga, drinking cacao at the cacao ceremony, hula hooping, walking in the forest, trying stand-up paddling, dancing late into the night, and daring to speak out about their experiences. So inspirational, so beautiful and an important growth opportunity. Even though, they did keep asking the universe for an extra bar on their phones. I am sure they will forever remember it all and be proud that they were part of this special event. I will forever remember them too.

IMG_6083Someone at the venue forgot to pay the internet bill! So, there was no internet during that whole weekend! Something we didn’t expect but exactly what we needed and came to do right? disconnect and reconnect with nature. Being disconnected felt so good! I guess the universe heard us and delivered in its own way.

The trust we put on everything this week worked! Everything happened as it was supposed to happen, and we were all happy. All the teenagers got back home safe, several hoops were donated to less privileged community schools, some of the participants fell in love with hooping and bought their own to continue practicing at home, we made new friends, new connections, and the Reconectate event will be happening again next year!

f81d14d5-a787-4881-95d1-5aef10cffda0My friend and I made it back to the airport, after some more drama and hiccups here and there. We were exhausted but at last, we were going to have a sunny stopover in Cancun and have a well-deserved margarita at the beach!

We arrived tired, with aching backs from carrying huge hula hoop roles and luggage. We dropped everything off in town and made our way to the beach. Dark rain clouds hovering, the beach covered with seaweed, and not so turquoise blue sea. We made it to a beach bar and we had our longed-for Mexican meal and Margaritas. Too bad that they were badly mixed margaritas in plastic cups. But hey! we had an awesome week and we trusted ourselves, so, Salud!

See you soon and thanks for stopping by again.


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