The story of the wandering openhearted chameleon

abstract art artistic autumn
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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little chameleon who lived in a beautiful land full of colors, happy friends, and lots of green vegetation. The little chameleon was always happy in this land of abundance and blissful days, relaxing on trees, lounging about and playing all day long.

One day, there was a huge storm and the little chameleon and its family had to climb to a hill high up in the mountains. The little chameleon and its family tried to settle in this new place while they waited for the great storm season to pass. The little chameleon’s family liked this new land very much although they had a hard time at first. The food was different, the other creatures in the area where new and acted differently but the little chameleon ´s family felt safe, comfortable and decided to stay in the hills and not return to the lower lands. 

The little chameleon had to change colors all the time! From red to orange to yellow to green and sometimes even blue and indigo. The little chameleon sometimes wondered why it had such a hard time changing into the color purple?  it used to be able to change to the color purple all the time in the beautiful land it used to live in when it was smaller. How come that changed? it asked itself? Later on when the little chameleon had grown up and had become a skillful and useful creature of the new land, it still always wondered. The now grown up chameleon was very skillful at adapting to any color he needed to change into while moving and visiting faraway lands. The chameleon could easily learn to communicate in many color shades and it loved it so much, it always longed to back to those faraway lands. 


The chameleon fell in love with those faraway lands, the crooked trees, the different plants and the different creatures living in those lands. The chameleon also encountered love many times but also great losses. The chameleon tried many things, both good and bad and all the times that the chameleon was in trouble, it knew it could come home to the hills and be safe. 

The chameleon grew and grew, moved and ran and did everything it wanted to do, but the color purple dilemma kept troubling it. One day, the chameleon decided to finally go deeper and explore why it could not change to the color purple as easily as before. 

The chameleon searched and researched and tried to learn more and more about the color purple. Why it was so difficult to change into it and stay in it for long periods of time. The chameleon grew more and more interested and started to understand why it had lost the ability to change into the color purple. The chameleon finally decided to stop looking outside for all the answers and decided to start looking inside itself. The journey inside was a long, confusing and bumpy one but it kept it smiling. But that story is for another time…

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